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About Suzy

You probably clicked on this link because you're curious about "Suzy".

Suzy is a fictional character, the galpal each of us phones when we need information, advice, guidance or simply to gush over that "great deal" we discovered during Saturday morning errands. Suzy is You. She's your neighbor, your tennis partner, your daughter's girl scout leader. Suzy is a composite best buddy we all share.

The SuzySaid logo is a telephone because we believe that word-of-mouth information trumps all else. In the Internet age, we want to make it a three-way conversation with Suzy. This website is a joint effort by three girlfriends who know that the most trusted advice comes from your best friends. SuzySaid is about sharing these insights.

Launched in March, 2007, SuzySaid aspires to be a local online resource we found lacking in suburbia. Suzy knows there's never enough time to try everything and know everything. She's a destination website for the best of everything -- tried-and-true tips, deadlines, reminders and inside info to enhance your daily life in your neighborhood. SuzySaid is only as good as her information so take part in the conversation, contribute your two cents and put her to work answering your questions.

We ask only one thing. SuzySaid strives to be positive. We don't want to hear about bad experiences -- give us the good about life in your town.
As Suzy likes to say...

Only the best,
The Girls of SuzySaid


updated: 6 years ago