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Every little bit helps when you're paying for college.

If your teen is in High School now, introduce them to Raise.me. It is a platform that helps 9-12th grade students prepare for college by earning scholarships for their achievements in high school. Over 150 colleges and universities have partnered with Raise.me, and award micro-scholarships for both academics and extracurricular activities.  Cool, right?

This is how it works:
Students create a portfolio and select colleges they’re interested in attending from the participating schools. As they add achievements to their portfolio - grades, club or sports participation, even college visits - they can see the micro-scholarships add up.

Partner colleges assign a potential dollar amount to certain achievements, which shows students how much they’d be guaranteed in scholarships if they are accepted to that school. For example, one college may offer $100 for an A, and another may offer $500.

As long as students meet the college’s eligibility requirements and any deadlines, and are accepted to the university, they can count on at least that much in scholarship awards on a per year basis.

It's that easy, get started today.

updated: 1 year ago