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It's OK, Call me Fatty

It039s OK Call me Fatty

Suzy loves enterprising young women.  And what's not to love about chocolate dipped pretzels? Meet Fatty Sundays.  

Sisters Ali and Lauren were inspired by their Moms chocolate covered pretzels with rainbow sprinkles and decided to make a business out of it.  The name, comes from the last day of the weekend “Fatty Sunday” because in their family, it was always a day to kick back, relax and indulge.

Their naturally flavored pretzels are dipped by hand to ensure a blast of flavor and delicious crunch with each bite. They feature monthly specials plus flavors like Toasted Coconut, Berry Granola, Mocha ‘Spresso, and more.  Suzy's favorite is Toasted Almond.

You can buy them by flavor or in pre-selected assortments perfect for gifting.

updated: 3 years ago