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For the Happy Couple

For the Happy Couple

Give the happy couple the perfect way for them to toast each other in the years to come with this personalized wine box made just for newlyweds.

The box has three separate compartments for wine (not included), to be opened and enjoyed on the couple's anniversary.

There are three ways for you to customize your gift:

Option 1: Heart Your choice of initials and date will be custom-engraved in the heart. On the right side of the three sliding panels, there is the invitation to "Open on" the recipients' 1st, 3rd and 5th anniversaries. (The traditional gift for a fifth anniversary is wood!) Inside, each panel is engraved with a special, wine-themed toast to the couple.

Option 2: Heart + "Open on" In addition to the heart, you can customize the anniversary years marked on the right side of the three panels, making it a gift for any vintage of marriage. You pick which three years your bottles will be opened on and enjoyed by the happy couple. The toasts are included on the back of each panel.

Option 3: Heart + "Open on" + Message In addition to the previous elements, you can replace the pre-written toasts on the back of the panels with your own personal messages, to be discovered and enjoyed on those special anniversaries to come.

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updated: 2 years ago