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Vacation Day Programs at Earthplace

Vacation Day Programs at Earthplace

When schools are closed, Earthplace is open! Let the kids enjoy days off with fun and educational themed activities each day. A yummy snack is provided to all groups but participants must bring a lunch. Early drop-off and extended day options are also available. They offer full day and half day options for age 3 to grade 5.

Friday, February 17
Animal Signs: Join us on the hunt for scat, footprints and other evidence that animals have been in the sanctuary.
Monday, February 20
Herbivores: Discover the animals that only eat plants.
Tuesday, February 21
Carnivores: Explore the animals that eat just meat.
Wednesday, February 22
Omnivores: Learn about the animals that eat meat and plants, just like us.
Thursday, February 23
Decomposers: Find out all about the animals that help us turn waste into soil.
Friday, February 24
Plants: Investigate plants and learn how they make their own food.

Click here for more information and to register.

updated: 2 years ago