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Excellent in Westport

Excellent in Westport
Have you been to The Cottage in Westport yet? The New York Times sure has. Patricia Brooks from the Times recently reviewed the warm, new restaurant and gave it their highest rating - Excellent.

From the review:
"The Cottage, a new restaurant in Westport, is well named. It is small, cozy and very homey, very much like a New England seaside cottage, with sprays of pussy willows on counters and duck motifs wandering along the walls.

But the menu is far more sophisticated than its simple setting would suggest. It is the work of its chef and owner, Brian Lewis, who is the former chef and owner of Elm in New Canaan, and a former executive chef at the Bedford Post Inn in Westchester County. While the menu may be a bit showoffish, the food itself, a patchwork of many cultures, is expertly prepared. We didn’t have any disappointments, at either dinner or brunch."

Read the full review here.

The Cottage
256 Post Rd E
Westport, CT
(203) 557-3701

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updated: 1 year ago