Sign Up for Fall Workshops at Tri Embrace

Friday, October 18, 2013

Sign Up for Fall Workshops at Tri Embrace
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Tri Embrace, a Health and Wellness company in Fairfield, is continuing to grow as they offer a variety of new workshops and services! Whether you want  a hands-on experience in a cooking class or gain nutritional counseling while enjoying healthy samples and a glass of wine with friends there is something for everyone!  Tri Embrace has also expanded to now offer after school programs teaching healthy cooking classes in various local schools.

Below are some of our upcoming workshops that you are sure to love:

South of the Border-A healthy Twist on Mexican Food
Join us for a fun night out as you learn new twists on classic Mexican favorites that are healthy and delicious.  Enjoy “South of the Border" cocktails and sample immune-boosting Mexican bites.

Cravings and Mood
Tri Embrace partners with Ozone Fitness of Fairfield, CT for a 2-part Wellness Workshop featuring the topics of food cravings and the food/mood connection. Enjoy this empowering evening as you learn how to achieve healthier eating patterns and discover the foods that provide steady energy, balance, nutrition and a happy mood!

Healthy Harvest Soups
Learn how to make healthy soups that celebrate the autumnal harvest.  Enjoy a glass of wine with friends as you sample soups rich in anti-inflammatory ingredients and get an understanding of the various foods and spices that can truly support your immune system.

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Please visit Tri Embrace to learn more about our services and register.  
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