Monday, June 16, 2008

This dreamy little island has been a favorite of Suzy's since her college days in Boston. At the time it was with friends for a quick weekend getaway to escape the city heat. These days it's summer vacations with family and friends, offering a slower pace and a bygone charm that we often yearn for throughout the year. If you find yourselves looking for a quick getaway, look no further then Nantucket.

Suzy's weekend itinerary:

It's unlikely that you'll get your car on the Steamship Authority if you haven't already done so. Bookings start as early as January. No worries, as long as you get yourself there, the island is walkable, bikeable and offers bus transportation from town to town. Car rentals are also available right off the ferry.

If air travel suits you, try Cape Air out of Providence, RI or New Bedford, MA.

Favorite accomodations include: The Century House, The Summer House, The White Elephant, The Jared Coffin House and The Wauwinet (Relais   Chateaux Property)

Once on-island, head straight up Main Street for breakfast at the Even Keel Restaurant, an island favorite. On your way out grab some fresh hydrangeas for the hotel room, right off the green farm trucks from Bartlett Ocean View Farm.

If it's a beach day, there are dozens to choose from, many hidden down long dirt roads. Just take one, you'll never be disappointed. If you are more comfortable knowing where you're headed, perfect family choices are Jetties or Dionis. If you've got four-wheel drive, head to Great Point, at the far northeast corner of the island. A haven for surf fishing and unforgettable days. Be prepared though for Great Point to be closed unexpectedly for the protection of the Piping Plovers. (yes, they're birds)
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If the rains come don't fret, there's still plenty to do:

Nantucket Whaling Museum
11 Broad Street
Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum
49 Union Street
Nantucket Looms
16 Federal Street
Cisco Brewers
5&7 Bartlett Farm Road

A secret spot for the kids is hidden in the back room of Force 5 Watersports @ 6 Union Street. A penny (not really a penny) candy shop, filled with an unimaginable amount of sugary treats. The best part is the kid policing the cash drawer. He's got a calculator as big as any we've seen and adds up your purchases quicker then lightening. It's all part of the lure.

Finally, the food on Nantucket is diverse and abundent. A few absolutes for Suzy include:
Something Natural for beach day sandwiches and cookies. Fresh bread that won't make it home.
50 Cliff Road

Bartlett's Ocean View Farm fresh grown produce, including their famous corn and tomatoes
33 Bartlett Farm Road

The Downey Flake worth the wait for breakfast and donuts
18 Sparks Avenue

Brotherhood of the Thieves burgers, curley fries and great drinks
23 Broad Street

Company of the Cauldron intimate and charming.
5 India Street

Toppers at the Wauwinet one of the finest restaurants on the island. Take the boat (Wauwinet Lady) from Straight Wharf

We've given you a few of our favorite Nantucket spots, let us know if we've left any of your faves off the list.
One thing we know for sure, whether you spend a weekend or a summer, this island will call you back again and again.

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