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A True Fit

A True Fit

Are you like most women who struggle to find the perfect fitting bra? True&Co has created a business out of just this problem. They're rethinking lingerie shopping online. By getting rid of the measuring tape and creating a fit quiz, they're committed to finding you the perfect bra for your unique shape in minutes.

They want their customers to take this simple quiz, which measures much more than a cup size. They're looking for measurements such as "How are your shoulder Straps", "How does your band fit?" and "How do your breasts rest in your bra?". Their research has shown that the answers to these questions results in recommendations for the perfect bra just for you.

Their bra selection features a mix of their own private label and brands you'll recognize. The site also offers a "Home Try On Program" allowing you to try up to 5 bras at home for free. Get the details here.

Ready to get started? Click here.

updated: 3 years ago