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The Perfect Summer Glow

The Perfect Summer Glow
We all want that beautiful summer glow but the fear of skin cancer and wrinkles has us covering up with that extra large beach hat and SPF 195.

Turn that pale frown, upside down! Suzy recently tried the new James Read tanning line and it's impressive!

James Read’s line of products has been years in the making and will leave you looking your bronzed, beautiful best – the next best thing to a session with the guru himself. This carefully formulated range blends hydrating and anti-aging ingredients with super flattering pigments for a revolutionary, all-natural color.

You simply lather up, let it sit on your skin for about 8 hours and wash it away. What you are left with is beautifully bronzed skin.

Perfect for an all over tan or just use it on your legs if you're debuting a new dress.

**Suzy used the liquid tan in the medium shade. Also recommend getting the tanning mitt, it's much thinner than a lotion and the mitt will help keep the mess to a minimum.

updated: 4 years ago