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Used Musical Instrument Sale

Used Musical Instrument Sale

The Fairfield Music Parents Association (MPA) will conduct its annual Used Musical Instrument Sale this weekend at Fairfield Warde High School.  Consignee receives 70% of the sale price; the remaining proceeds will benefit the Fairfield Public Schools music programs. Consignee need not be present at the sale; MPA handles transactions.

Orchestra and Band instructors will be on hand at the sale to help buyers make appropriate selections. Upgrade or find a first-time instrument. Cash and checks accepted. Instrument donations are welcome too. The MPA is a not-for-profit organization that fosters the love of music in the Fairfield schools and community.  

Consign Instruments
Friday, September 15, 4:00 - 7:00 PM

Buy Instruments:
Saturday, September 16, 8:30 - 11:00 AM

Fairfield Warde High School (755 Melville Avenue) in the small gym.

For further info inquire:

updated: 1 year ago