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Unpacking (Some of) the Mystery of High School Students

Join key faculty members of Hopkins School and Greens Farms Academy for a discussion about middle and high school students, and how parents and schools can partner to help them with the challenges they face.

Monday, November 6, 7:00PM

The panel will focus on three areas:
How to help build enthusiasm for school
How to help manage social challenges
How to help manage pressures of the college process

Lars Jorgensen, Dean of Students, Head Adviser and Math Faculty, Hopkins School
Amy Macey, English Faculty, Hopkins School
Kate Morrison, Dean of Students, Spanish Faculty, Greens Farms Academy
Andrew Jones, Head of Upper School and English Teacher, Greens Farms Academy

Unpacking (Some of) the Mystery of High School Students
Fairfield Museum and History Center
370 Beach Road
Fairfield, CT 06824

Hosted by Greens Farms Academy and Hopkins School

updated: 1 year ago