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Thanksgiving Fowl Shooting Contest  & Food Drive

Thanksgiving Fowl Shooting Contest nbspamp Food Drive

WIN A THANKSGIVING TURKEY during the annual Thanksgiving Fowl Shooting Contest and Food Drive! It’s a fowl day for turkeys when contestants get to shoot basketballs for them. Participants are divided into age categories, Kindergarten through Adult, and winners are decided by the most foul shots made per 10 tries.

What: Thanksgiving Fowl Shooting Contest & Food Drive

When: Wednesday, November 15, 2017, 7 PM

Where: North Stratfield Elementary School Gymnasium

This event is sponsored by the Town Youth Council and will aid Operation Hope. Participants will be given ten shots for every non-perishable food item they bring (max # of foul shots is 40). If participants arrive late, a lesser # of foul shots will be given. Winners from each age category will be awarded a Thanksgiving Turkey! Winners must be present at 7:45 pm.

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updated: 1 year ago