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Kick Back and Enjoy the Show

Kick Back and Enjoy the Show

Over the past few years, Suzy only enjoyed going to movies during holiday visits to Minnesoa. Why, you ask? Because the theater there featured sweet reserved recliner seating plus a full bar and restaurant menu.  Once you experience that, it's hard to go back to the regular movie theater.  

Well, now you can enjoy the same experience at the Bowtie Cinema's Ultimate Royale 6 Theaters on the Westport/Norwalk border.

The theaters feature:
-Fully Renovated Theater
-Reserved Luxury Recliner Seating
-Full Bar and Restaurant Menu  
-In-Seat Service Available Until Scheduled Showtime
-All Digital Projection and Sound

542 Westport Ave, Westport/Norwalk Border

Click here for the details and to reserve a seat.

updated: 1 year ago