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It's  a Thanksgiving Popup at the Westport Farmers' Market

It039s nbspa Thanksgiving Popup at the Westport Farmers039 Market

Just in time for Thankgiving, the Westport Farmers' Market is hosting a pop-up event on Tuesday from 10 AM - 2 PM.

Current vendors include (more are signing on daily):
1. Fort Hill
2. Riverbank
3. Huckleberry
4. Arogya
5. Kontoulis Olive Oil
6. Nit Noi
7. Tynne Tincture
8. Oui Charcuterie
9. Boxcar Cantina
9. Carbon Chocolate
10. Sono Baking Co
11. Muddy Feet Flower Farm
12. Wave Hill Breads

Their winter market returns on Saturday, December 2.

updated: 1 year ago