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JCC Sara Walker Nursery School

JCC Sara Walker Nursery School

Community. Caring. Respect.

The JCC Sara Walker Nursery School is recognized for its outstanding curriculum, its excellent staff, and its commitment to the highest educational standards. We warmly welcome children of all faiths, ethnicity and backgrounds to be part of our school, where everything we do is driven by the Jewish — and universal — values of kindness, respect, compassion, confidence and responsibility. In addition to academic and social development, your child will benefit from weekly swim instruction at the JCC’s pool, gym time at the JCC led by a recreational specialist, and plenty of fresh air and physical activity.

JCC Sara Walker Nursery School
458 Lakeside Drive
Stamford, CT 06903
For more information, contact Managing Director Anne Liss Johnson at 203-322-6541 or
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updated: 3 years ago