Suzy's Favorite iPhone Apps

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Suzy's iPhone is loaded with all kinds of fun games to occupy her kids while waiting in lines, etc. but had very few apps for herself.  However, after spending entirely too much time in the iTunes store she now has two favorite apps that are just for her.

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Epicurious - Free!
Suzy uses their website all the time so it was a natural progression to download this app.  The app comes in handy when perusing the aisles at the grocery store.  Key in one or two ingredients and Epicurious will offer you several different delicious recipes, along with the grocery list related to your recipe.  You can save your favorite recipes and it has great ideas for weeknight dinners, healthy lunches and dinner party ideas.  An app that actually makes grocery shopping rather fun!

suzysaid_rye 758
RunKeeper Pro - $9.99
This is one of Apple's more expensive apps but is worth every penny!  Suzy's training for a half-marathon and is trying to build up her running miles each week.  This clever app uses a GPS to track your run.  You simply hit start and away you go.  It keeps track of how many minutes you ran, the total distance, your pace and how many calories you burned.  You can save your runs so you'll have a record of distance, times, etc.  Suzy hasn't tested the training workouts that come loaded but if you have a special running program you can add it as a workout.  Finally, you can set playlists to your run.  A voice will pop up occasionally (you can choose the frequency) and give you an update on your run.  
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