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Dance for Hope

Dance for Hope

Westport residents, Jennifer Boyd, PA, of Boyd Wellness and Julie Blitzer of Authentic Matters, have teamed up to bring awareness to Documenting Hope, a documentary film project changing the course of chronic childhood illnesses ( Autism, ADHD, Lyme, PANDAS, Allergies, Diabetes, etc) on May 4, 2017 at Mora Mora, South Norwalk.

Documenting Hope is part of www.epidemicanswers.com, of which Boyd is the new chairperson. The mission of the group is to raise awareness that although 1:2 American children is diagnosed with a chronic ailment, recovery is possible. A documentary following the progress of several affected children is under way. This pioneering project will include a Harvard medical study to validate these modalities. This event will show the trailer and celebrate the progress of the enrolled children.

Boyd and Blitzer are inspired to see this project change the paradigm. “It’s important to me to create community around these issues. Too few people are talking about how affected our children are and this is an amazing way to give back.” says Blitzer, co-founder of Authentic Matters, which offers consciousness-raising programs.

“We’re excited for Fairfield County to have this conversation and invite all to explore why there is hope for American children despite the devastating statistics” says Boyd, the founder of a Westport wellness practice.

Tickets for the (casual) May 4th party are fully tax-deductible and only $95 thanks to an amazing group of local sponsors.

To purchase tickets, click here.

updated: 1 year ago