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Give to the Bridgeport Rescue Mission

Give to the Bridgeport Rescue Mission
The Bridgeport Rescue Mission has a goal to raise enough money to provide 41,000 meals by Thanksgiving.  

Help now by making a gift and pushing us one step closer toward feeding even more people.

Each $2.50 meal you provide is SO MUCH MORE than a plate of food. It’s a chance for people to change their lives. To end their hunger. To put homelessness behind them.

Please help meet this huge holiday goal! Fill plates with food and lives with hope by making a special Thanksgiving gift today.

$52.50 feeds + cares for 21 people
$107.50 feeds + cares for 43 people
$155.00 feeds + cares for 62 people

Click here to give today.

updated: 12 months ago