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Colonial Family Fun Day

Colonial Family Fun Day

This month, both the Town of Westport and the State of Connecticut commemorate the 240th anniversary of the British Raid on Danbury during the Revolutionary War. While both oral and written history is rich with tales of heroic men and women who joined the fight for Independence in big and small ways, an important segment of society is often forgotten; the children of the 18th century.

To bring this important era alive for youngsters, this Sunday, the Westport Historical Society is hosting a Colonial Family Fun Day that will shed light on life for children in the 18th Century. There will be a variety of fun activities for kids of all ages, and refreshments to explore what it was like to be an 18th Century Kid!

What: Colonial Family Fun Day

Where: Westport Historical Society

When: May 21st, 1:00 - 5:00 PM

Tickets: $5 per person, 2 and under are free.
Pre-order tickets here!

In the spirit of educational fun, the Society’s modern day event will include churning butter and “Make Your Own Hedgehog Conceit”, a popular confection of the 18th century featuring, marzipan, almonds and currants fashioned into a hedgehog.

Silhouette making and colonial games, learn how to make the dark paper profile portraits so popular in the day and play games that were popular in the 18th Century. A sampling of chores common for a Revolutionary-era youngster will take place where kids “earn” colonial “money” for their chores that they can spend at the General Store.

Even little ones in the 1700s would have helped Mother plant the kitchen garden. Kids will plant their own heirloom vegetable facilitated by Wakeman Town Farm to take home. And visitors of every age will enjoy hearing stories, selected by the Westport Public Library, about the 18th century read aloud on the lawn.

Other events will include a complimentary refreshment table, coloring activities and the chance to take your picture with a live Minuteman!

Admission includes entry to the historical society and exhibits, including “The Danbury Raid” and goes to support the award winning programs offered at WHS.  

updated: 1 year ago